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Zero Waste



Here are the zero-waste basics

for the kitchen, presented by

Jacquie Rolston of Zero Waste

Club Vancouver.


Here are Jacquie's zero-waste versions of

everyday packaged foods.


DIY Oatmeal


Different Oat cuts:  

Steel Cut, Rolled Oats, Quick Oats

Same grain, just different cooking times.


No Cook:  

Put oats in milk and yogurt and soak overnight.


Microwave Oats:

I do ½ cup (heaping) rolled oats,  1 cup water.  

Microwave 1 minute, stir, microwave 1 more minute.  

Have a big bowl, it expands.  


Oatmeal for the week:  

On Sunday night, boil up a big pot of steel cut oats, turn off the heat and cover, let sit overnight.  In the morning, divide into mason jars, topped with different combos of fruit, nuts, seeds sweetener, spices.


Suggested Toppings:

Granola, Fresh fruit, Dried Fruit, Jam, Honey, Coconut flakes, Pure maple syrup, Cinnamon, Nuts and seeds, Peanut Butter, Chia Seeds

DIY Granola

Super easy, super money saver.  Customizable.  Not an exact science.  


The basics:  

Grains – 3 cups.  Usually oats, any rolled grain

Sweetener ½ to ¾ cup.  Honey, Agave, Maple Syrup, a little brown sugar.

Nuts 1 to 1 ½ cups.  Pecans, almonds walnuts, whatever, just chop ‘em to bit sized

Salt ¾ teaspoon

Oil ¼ to ½ cup.  Grapeseed, coconut, canola, even olive.  



Seeds, Coconut, Dried Fruit (add after baking!) Spices, Chocolate, Egg White (in place of oil)


Mix the dry ingredients, add the liquids.  Stir, stir, stir.  Lay out on a baking sheet.  Cook at 300 F, for about 30 minutes, stir once in the middle, until toasty.  Cool completely, store in glass jar.

DIY Sprouts & Nut Milk

Dig into our Food Connection recipe archives, from our second-ever workshop!

Sprouting Seeds | Nut Milk

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